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a humble beginning

It all started with a simple need to eat a juicy fruit on a vacation but had no way to clean it . . . conveniently. Today, millions of people, like us, want to eat more fresh fruit and veggies. But the inconvenience and the rampant report of food-poisoning or spread of infection, such as swine flu, have many people holding back from snacking on more healthy, fresh fruits and veggies on-the-go. (—Kamps, Louisa - "Is Your Produce Poisoned?" Prevention Magazine, 2004 pdf)

You know the situation: How many times, while on-the-go or away from home could you have used a sweet crispy apple, a succulent peach, or some other healthy fruit? But how do you wash it when you are away from home? How about dashing into a stinky restroom? Not very appetizing.

When we launched Swipeys® we already have the background and decades of experience in dealing with human pathogens and food safety. We put Swipeys® through many years of research, testing, and development. The result is like nothing out there. Sure there are fruit and veggie cleaners out there but none of them give you the convenience and efficiency of Swipeys.® (—see our Naturals® Towelettes and Naturals® Spray Cleaner) All other products require rinsing after application. If they do not require rinsing, but those products do not effectively remove chemicals, cut most types of waxes on fruit and veggies, deep clean produces below waxes surface, nor sanitize your hand while you clean your fruit and vegetable.

Swipeys® is really one of its kind. It allows you to deep clean and purify fruit and veggies anywhere. No need to rinse . . . just spray or wipe and eat! Is that simple—that convenient! And, because Swipeys® is specially formulated to cut most types of waxes on produces, you're reducing your intake of synthetic waxes, and also you're cleaning your fruit and veggies below the waxes. Plus, it kills disease-causing germs on hand.

We started Swipeys® not to for any reason other than to fulfill a need . . . to conveniently eat healthy fruit & veggie anywhere, worry-free. Overtime, through years of research and development, our product line has increased. Today, each of Swipeys® products is intended to help you, your love ones (and pets) . . . Be clean and healthy anywhere!