Definition: "treatment to destroy harmful micro organisms"

—Princeton University, WordNet

triclosan / triclocarban and alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Triclosan and ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizers are everywhere and have long been believed to kill all microbes. But scientific researches have proved different. Triclosan can breed what scientists call "superbugs," e.g. MRSA, that are resistant to antibiotics. (—F Daschner, A Schuster - AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control, 2004 pdf) And according to FDA, "washing the skin with an 74-percent concentration of ethyl alcohol has been reported to result in the recovery of increased numbers of surface inoculated Staphylococcus aureus 5 hours later." (—47FR22324 pdf)

the Swipeys® advantage

At first glance, Swipeys® MedGuard™ natural hand sanitizers and Naturals® Towelette (for fruit, veggies, and hands) are just another alcohol based sanitizers. But our products are truly unique. Our sanitizers feature natural corn alcohol plus our exclusive newly developed Freshesse™ formula (a patent pending cleanser formula with an incredible list of benefits).

Swipeys® leaves a slight residual off emollients that disinfect naturally. You get protection well beyond the moment of application. And it leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Many people who've tried our sanitizer can feel the difference instantly.

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