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Although Swipeys® products, with the exception of two products, are made of 100% all natural ingredients, they are just as—if not more powerful than their synthetic counterparts. (Learn more.)

Image on the left shows the result of disinfection efficacy testing done on Swipeys®:

  • Top petri dish contains colonies of E. coli  that grew from a slide wiped with a wet towelette (water).
  • Bottom petri dish shows zero colonies of E. coli  from a contaminated slide wiped with a Swipeys® Naturals™ towelette.

(Click at the petri-dish-image for larger viewing)

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No more E. coli with Swipeys®

  1. Balance Natural Deodorant
  2. Defenz Natural nsect Repellent
  3. Citric-Swipes Towelettes
  4. Fruit Plus Towelettes Fruit & Veggie Wipes
  5. Fruit Swipes Towelettes
  6. Naturals Towelettes
  7. Naturals Cleanser
  8. Naturals Pet Wipes
  9. Swipeys Natural Hand Sanitizer
  10. MedGuard Hand Sanitizers
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