Swipeys® Natural Hand Sanitizer:
feel the difference

Meet the world's best hand sanitizer, Swipeys® Instant Hand Sanitizer . . . a highly effective skin disinfectant that will never dries your skin.

Swipeys® sanitizer's 100% all natural ingredients are safe and non-toxic. Use Swipeys® sanitizer throughout the day . . . everyday without fear of toxic build up or damaging your skin.

Swipeys® instantly kills 99.99% of germs and will then leave a slight residual off emollients that disinfect naturally. Unlike other alcohol-based sanitizers, you get protection well beyond the moment of application. (Learn more.) The secret is our exclusive newly developed "Freshesse™ formula." (The Freshesse™ formula is a patent pending cleanser formula with an incredible list of benefits.)

You can smell the difference with Swipeys® sanitizer. Because it is all natural, there is no nauseating perfumes. Plus, it is hypo-allergenic.

Feel the difference . . . everybody does! It feels unlike any other alcohol-based sanitizers. Swipeys® doesn't dry skin but will soothes. You can feel the smoothing action of our sanitizer instantly . . . the very moment you apply it. Swipeys® will never dry your skin. All our testers have commented on how Swipeys® hand sanitizer leaves their skin feel soothed and refreshed.

Protect you and your love ones from the germs and flu season. Be good to your skin. Better take Swipeys® !

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